Yes, I entirely agree

A lot has been said about 'the echo chamber' already. 

It's that cocoon of agreement and back-slapping that has been tucked around us more recently thanks to social media, but always threatened to envelop us thanks to the joys of confirmation bias

If you want a rounded view of the world, to understand why people act the way they do and we've built the systems the way we did, then you need to challenge that confirmation bias. You need to take a break from the echo chamber. You need to wander where you're not always welcome and you don't recognise a lot of the landmarks. But you need to make your way back to your comfort zone too and see if it's become bathed in a different light. 

Agreeing is great for fun times and fuzzy feelings. But it's the differences of opinions and the surprising approaches that will help you make more dots and make more happen.