That's debatable

Imagine you're in a large hotel when you get a phone call. "Are you in the right room?" says the voice. You're a bit perturbed of course, but still you answer "Yes?" and then they hang up.

Bit weird of course, so you wonder to yourself... Am I in the right room?

Out of all the rooms in this hotel, the many hundreds that this colossal home-away-from-home offers, the odds are that I'm not actually in the right room. I might be in the room that I was told to go to, and the room for which the key I currently have on me allows me access, but is that the 'right' room? If I tried the other rooms, would they be righter? Are there rooms out there that my key works for? Did I in fact mishear what 'my room' was meant to be and have simply lucked out in a rather slick set of coincidences? 

Then you need a wee and pop the telly on and fall asleep and that's that. 

But opinions are like that. They feel right because it they're the ones we hold. It seems obvious to us that we would hold an opinion based on all sorts of subtle, clever and long standing bits of evidence and information. But it's not the only opinion, we know that. After all, we get angry at twitter and the idiots doing vox pops and what that man that time said on the bus when the opinions are, quote, "wrong".

Of course this is all moot if your days are filled with the kind of cerebral questioning, testing, teasing and tussling that would make Socrates weep. But for most of us that's not the case. So it's important to remember that every point is up for question, and that debating and discussing ideas is an exciting, engaging and educational sport.

Your opinion is just that, yours. There are six billion odd others. Some might overlap, some might consume yours entirely. Plenty others only have a passing resemblance. 

The point is, that's OK. 
The point is, that's the reality of a world filled with rich and varied cultures.
The point is, it's fine to disagree...

Just as long as you take time to consider that maybe, just maybe, the room you've just been offered might be better for you than the one you've just unpacked all your stuff into.