Culture 101

Dots have lots of uses, and while we're often minded that they're the fuel for new ideas, cutting insights and wonderful turns of phrase (among much else), they also serve a usable purpose when it comes to shared culture, and our ability to connect with each other.

It's hard sometimes to get a conversation going. You know the scene, you've pitched up at a party or a work thing or you've found yourself killing time while the kettle boils for an electrician or the tax inspector etc. You try to engage in free flowing chat, which often comes so easily, but the tap is rusted shut. So you need a plan: you need culture 101. 

Culture 101 is the sum of the dots that connect us to the the people around us. It's the way into conversations about whatever, but it's also the path to conversations that are much more meaningful.

It might be connecting over where you're from, or where you've never been. It might be life stages (house buying, baby making, job hunting, vineyard touring). It might be favourite shows, or songs, or books, or crafting techniques, or drinks, or shops, or breeds of tortoise or anything else.

The more you experience and learn to love (or mutually loathe) the more dots you'll have to connect with others, and who knows where that will lead you...