Everybody needs a library

When was the last time you went into a library? Recently? Good for you. I pop into our local one every so often. They have lots of books I wouldn't otherwise think about reading. They also have comfy seats, but that's not a given. The books thing though, you'll find them in every library. 

But a library needn't always be a library of books, despite what the Latin derivation will lead you to believe. We've long had our music libraries and film libraries, and while the word 'rack' has caught on in its place, we all know someone with a decent spice library. 

As digital content becomes easier to make and store, and as our lives continue to be filled with items of all shapes and sizes thanks to technological advances in printing and manufacturing of various kinds, what other libraries might we need? What other libraries might we want?

As you make more dots it's important that you know how to store them, maybe even how to catalogue them, and certainly how to retrieve them. However you do that, that's your library. Everybody needs a library. What's yours?