GIGO and BIBO are not, as you'd possibly hoped, the names of the mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, or even some far flung asteroids that have been spotted skimming across the solar systems. They are instead acronyms that stand for 'garbage in, garbage out' and 'brilliant in, brilliant out'. 

The first is a well worn concept from computer programming. If your code is garbage, then the computer won't know what to do with it, and you'll up with something Oscar the Grouch would happily call home.

The second, is our take on the concept. 

Brilliant in, brilliant out is the more all encompassing vision of our exhortation to make more dots. Simply put, the more brilliant stuff you jam into your brain, the more brilliant stuff you can squeeze out. Brilliant ideas, brilliant connections, brilliant words, brilliant pictures, brilliant conversations, brilliant insight, brilliant whatever-else-your-heart-desires.