Unexpected Information

Make more dots is built around a simple idea: the more curious you choose to be, the more dots you make, the better you fuel your brain to do all sorts of great stuff. 

There are however, many ways to be curious (and some are more curious than others). 

When you make dots, and fuel your brain with the experiences and other things that make you who you are, you can do so with three kinds of dots.

First, are the dots that are easy to get hold of, and the ones many others enjoy. These are brilliant for building shared experiences and understanding broader cultures and crucial for communicating fruitfully but they are less useful for original thinking.

Second, are the dots that you steer yourself towards. The dots you can hop to from the things you read, the places you go, the people you surround yourself with and so much more. These take you in wonderful directions, but they're always anchored by who you are.

Third, is unexpected information - dots that come to you from no obviously connected source. They happen when you open yourself up to trying entirely new things, speaking to people you wouldn't normally interact with, visiting places you wouldn't normally go. And they can happen by embracing randomness in day to day life, handing the reigns to someone else, or simply by drifting. 

There are many ways to be curious for sure, but some are more curious than others.