Behind the scenes

Hello. If you've made it here, you're clearly interested in Make More Dots (or very bored). If it's the former do say hello.

The Origin Story.

Make More Dots was founded in 2017 in London, UK (but it's been much longer in the making). 

Sometime around the turn of the millennium our founder, Robbie Dale, spotted the words scrawled in the margin of the book. He'd been given it at a University party by a girl he'd never met before and never saw again. They were actually two separate scrawls - 'make more?' and 'Dots!!!' Robbie can't remotely remember what they referred to (or where the book is) but the line stuck. 

Later in life, both through seeing more of this weird, wild and wonderful world and during a career as an award winning creative director and writer, Robbie stated to give that scrawl meaning. Dots, he reasoned, were something worth making more of. Something that would make life more fun and maybe even more prosperous. Dots, he reasoned were the experiences, ideas and details that he'd come to learn about the world. The stuff that fuels our ideas, our values and the stuff we choose to share with the people we want to impress. 

Of course, as with so much in life, Robbie reasoned this because it felt good to surmise a theory it just happened he'd long adhered to already. Bereft of anything that vaguely resembled 'skill' or 'talent' Robbie had learned to make use of his most insistent habit: curiosity. He read books with weird titles and watched the TV channels in between the ones everyone else watches. He went places that were out of the way and booked tickets to things he didn't really understand. He had long conversations with friends and shorter ones with strangers. He spent too much time on Wikipedia. 

It was a habit he'd been primed for from a young age. His dad would take the family on day-trips from Glasgow as far afield as the Lake District, and plenty of place in between. At home he was exposed to a love of The Band and the bard; of Man O Man and the man o' war. And at school, his best teachers eschewed chasing exam results in favour of a more thorough exploration of the topics at hand.

Then, one day, all of this became useful when Robbie started work as i) an adult and ii) helping organisations solve their various business problems using creative ideas. Being able to call on a wealth of references and experiences (dots) turned out to be useful both for impressing dates and for generating the kind of creative solutions that businesses pay for. At that point Robbie felt there was something in that line he read in a book that time. And he wondered if it might have further application...

After 2008 in a world financially crashed and slowly meandering towards Drumpf, Brexit and the rise of what-the-fuck-do-we-do-now? fuelling creativity seemed like a good idea, but fuelling open, accepting minds seemed even better.

And it still does of course. 

The thinking behind Make More Dots was founded on the idea that curiosity is in and of itself a good thing. But the organisation itself was founded on the belief that curiosity is a hugely important component of a better, brighter future for everyone.

(And it doesn't hurt that it helps you win the odd pub quiz too.)